Intelligent medtech solutions, which are based on specific customer requirements.

Future-proof solutions

Strong competences in every phase

Experienced and dedicated project managers

Solutions to create better quality of life for users/patients


We have 8 development phases in our Value Wheel. Please find detailed information about the phases below.

Use the arrows to navigate our Value Wheel. Mobile: Choose a phase from the drop down to read more about our Value Wheel.

Use the arrows to navigate our Value Wheel. Mobile: Choose a phase from the drop down to read more about our Value Wheel.


SPT VILECON offers strong competences and has many years’ experience of working with concepts, design, development, validation and project management in connection with plastic elements and devices for the medical industry. We already help companies of all sizes to develop, design and construct products and manage projects through every phase from concept development until production is commissioned and approved – CE labelled and FDA Medical device 510 (k) approved products. At SPT VILECON, concept development, design, validation, manufacturing and project management are essentially and specifically based on The Value Wheel.

The Value Wheel symbolises our approach to project management. Every project is steered professionally, phase by phase and 360°. We focus consistently on quality, goals, rapid implementation and on creating durable solutions. We also handle individual projects, in which we resolve tasks for our customers in individual phases of The Value Wheel. No matter whether we take on a complete project from design idea to finished product or provide isolated consultancy services, SPT VILECON delivers on its promises. Every one of SPT VILECON’s activities rests on a quality-based mindset, which is the result of several decades of experience in the medical industry. Our quality management systems meet international quality standards and are processed in the D4InfoNet quality management system.

Our project managers and their colleagues have extensive experience of working in complex project contexts. The projects we work with range in value from tens of thousands to 900 million Danish Kroner (from EUR 1,000 to 120 million). No matter the size of the project, we apply unimpeachable standards of integrity and professionalism. We act professionally and as a team. We perform all types of roles; as project manager, developer, project worker, quality manager, production technician, as well as metrological and regulatory officer.

We strive consistently to develop optimal solutions and call in the services of specialists in different professional areas, if required.

We handle all types of files for construction, development and documentation processes but work primarily in CAD programs such as SolidWorks and SolidWorks Composer.

We have built a comprehensive network of highly competent specialists within the following fields; electronics development, industrial design, user interfaces, plastic injection moulding tools, test rig installation, patent applications and a number of other specialist functions.

We create solutions for first class patient and medical care